Portland Uprising is Looking for Players to Join Our Woodsball Team

Hey this is Tommy Smith, the leading captain of Portland Uprising. And today I’m going to explain why we’re starting a woodsball team and what kind of members we’re looking to have join our team. If you’re interested in joining our new woodsball team then I’m glad to hear it. But unfortunately, not everyone is going to meet our standards so continue reading if you want to see if you have what it takes to join the ranks of Portland Uprising.

Who Are We Looking For?

So what kind of players are we wanting to join our woodsball team? For starters, we need a middle man, a front player, a player to lay down suppressive fire and a long range shooter. Or if you want to get fancy, we need a marksmen, a front runner, a suppressor and a sniper. Below I will list all of the main roles and gear requirements for each type of player.


Most of our paintball team is comprised of players known as marksmen. A marksmen is simply any player who typically hangs out in the middle of the pack and shoots an average amount of paintballs compared to the other members in the team.

A marksmen is fairly accurate as well and is good at picking off players at a fair distance. Not as good as a sniper, but better than Front Runners and Suppressors. Marksmen are also the best team players, which is why the commander of the team is always a marksmen. Since they’re in the middle of the pack they are good at watching everything that’s going on and will be able to give orders better than the other team members.

Front Runner

A front runner is a player who runs at the front of the pack and leads the team into battle. In order to be a front runner you have to be extremely brave and you can’t be afraid of getting shot at close range. Because eventually it’s going to happen so the front runner has to be fearless.

A front runner also needs a paintball gun that is designed for CQC (Close Quarter Combat) and needs to shoot at a high rate of fire. Speedball guns typically work best because they come with a centerfeed design that allows you to easily shoot from both sides of a bunker or barricade if need be.


The suppressor is the player who lays down suppressive fire for their team so that the other members can easily move up the field. The suppressor also needs to shoot at a high rate of fire so they’re more intimidating to the enemy players. It’s also vital that the suppressor carries a lot of paint so they don’t have to worry about running out while they’re on the field. For this reason, the suppressor is the most expensive position to play.

Unlike the front runner, the suppressor is better off not using an electro-pneumatic speedball gun as they tend to be quieter than their mech counterparts. Instead, a suppressor is better off buying a loud paintball gun such as a Tippmann or a Rap4 marker so they make as much noise as possible.

Not only are the louder paintball guns more intimidating, but they also help to mask the sound of your team members moving up to their new position. This is especially helpful if they’re running through the woods since they’ll typically make a lot of noise if they’re running all over branches and dry leaves


The sniper is the most uncommon player on the field but they can also be the most deadly. This player is designed to shoot long range and is able to pick off players at a distance. And a good sniper will be able to lock down an entire section of the field and can even stop a whole team from moving forward if they know what they’re doing.

In order to be a sniper you need to be able to move quietly through the field and know how to hide out in the open without being seen. In order to help stay hidden most snipers will use a special kind of camouflage known as a ghillie suit.

A paintball sniper will also need to use a magfed paintball gun that is capable of shooting First Strike projectile rounds. Why so? Well a First Strike paintball round can shoot up to 50% further than a traditional paintball and is far more accurate as well. The extra range and accuracy will allow the paintball sniper to keep enemy players from getting in range of their other team members

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