Uprising 3rd Year in Pro Ranks

2018 marks Uprising’s 3rd year in the PRO ranks.  After a breakout year in 2017 followed by a stale 2018 season Uprising has solidified themselves as a Professional team not to be taken lightly.  Throughout 2018 Uprising saw many player changes, every event saw at least one change to the roster.  The 2019 season ended in Vegas with a disappointing mediocre finish with spurts of greatness.

Coming in to 2019 Uprisings goals are clear.  Keep the same roster throughout the season.  Win events.  If we can keep the same roster throughout the season expect a rock solid 2018.  For this year we have kept on our main sponsors, MacDev with the Clone GT, Pbrack for playing wear, Virtue for the Spire loader, Ambush for the great field facilities.

All of Uprising is already taking the field, playing throughout January keeping our gun skills peak to come out on top.

We’ll update more as the season progress’s.  Here’s Uprising’s 2019 roster.

Tommy Smith

Ryan Crosby

Aaron Gonzalez

Nicholas Rathell

Blake Stark

Matty Ordell

Jimmy Hickey

If you want to check out more from our 2018 season check out the documentary player Jimmy Hickey put together.

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