ThrowDown Series

With the 2019 season right around the corner we have been working on providing the Northwest with a premiere tournament series to prepare local players for the national level and competitive futures in tournament paintball. Our focus will be on fun, competitive and affordable events with some features that have influenced us from different events across the world.

We will offer a beginner and rookie bracket at every event and an open division two times throughout the season for some of the more experienced players to play locally amongst their friends. Beginner is classified as players who are playing their first season of tournament paintball or players who have played fewer than 4 beginner events in the past year. Rookie will be all players who have not yet played a National level event above D4. Each rookie team may field one D3 level player.

The Beginner division format will be a 4-man standard center flag game on a 100 point scale: 5 points per elimination, 5 points per live player, and 20 points for the flag pull and 40 points for the hang. Teams will play a minimum of eight prelim games.
Rookie will be 4-man race to 3 with a 15 minute match time. There will be two matches taking place at the same time similar to the NPPL format of 2019. As soon as the flag is hung, the horn will sound and the next two teams will have one minute to take the field before their game starts. At the sound of the horn due to a flag hang or expiration of time, the first two teams will take the field again for their second point. If one match finishes before the other each team will get 3 minutes between points to prepare for their next point. Teams will play a minimum of four prelim matches. Entry is $250/team. Firing mode will be 12.5 bps ramping, no sideline coaching. The first event will be held at Paintball Sports Park (6224 114th Ave Ct E, Puyallup, WA‎) 7/16/2019.

Something unique we will be offering is league jerseys. Each team’s initial entry fee will cover the cost of 4 team jerseys. Each team will have their team name and player name on each jersey and you will be able to select your team colors as well. If you already have a team logo in the proper file format that can also be included at no additional cost. We ask that you register your team 5 weeks before the event to give enough time for your jerseys to be completed. At this time a $100 deposit will get your jerseys to manufacturing and hold your team’s registration for the event which can be paid up until the Thursday before the event. Teams who register within the 5 week period will be provided with league jerseys for the event to be returned at the end and players will receive their team jerseys prior to the next event.