About Us

The Uprising name is no stranger to tournament paintball; Uprising Nation originally formed in 2004. With its badass image, Uprising Nation dominated the Northwest paintball scene. Eventually, the promising Uprising Nation players were head hunted by national teams and subsequently became Amp’d where the team competed in Division 1 NPPL in 2007. The Uprising name resurfaced after the players of Amp’d became disgruntled with the owner. The rejuvenated Uprising was back and ready to compete in the Semi-Pro Division of the NPPL under WA Uprising by PBRack.com.

Again in 2008, team Uprising divided, with a few players joining the pro-ranks and the rest either giving up the sport completely or joining with other divisional teams. 2011 marks the rebirth of the strongest Uprising team yet, reunited with a few old members and some new blood, Portland Uprising is battling their way to the top of the pro ranks of the NPPL.